Why You Should Also Leverage Social Networks to Spread Your Blog’s Influence

Some of the best ways I have found great content online by awesome bloggers elsewhere is through following shared links on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, TGIF Links, Blog Engage, Red Gage, etc.

My ultimate hub however, is Twitter. Follow Me! :)

Twitter Profile

With the help of TweetDeck, which organizes the way I view my tweet streams, I find myself amazed at the valuable content that is shared from my fellow friends whom I first followed and then found that those that they follow retweets interesting content and so on.

It’s a neverending cycle of really great reads!

To some this may come across as a time-consuming task and it is. I’m not kidding! You’ll find yourself clicking through link after link and reading post after post, commenting, social bookmarking and so on. After awhile, looking up, it’s 2 and a half hours.

Geez, that’s marketing for you!

But I enjoy the process. It enables me to connect with my friends, read their content, share their content through with my network and even pass it on to other social networks outside of Twitter like Facebook, TGIF Links, Blog Engage, Red Gage, etc.

You’re probably thinking, yeah right. But it’s true. Every blogger has to learn how to effectively market their blog and through social networks, they are the way to go!

That’s how I found some of the Where This Blog Has Been content which has been featured each Sunday so far. At first, I really did not understood how Twitter was effective in connecting me with great content, because the hype was more on the number of followers you have versus the content you provide.

Soon enough, I started reading links shared about complaints on the way Twitter has been abused and how it has become too much of a spam hose to even how to gain a certain number of followers to finally, branding yourself with the tweets you send out.

So you see there’s two sides of the coin.

You have to learn how to filter out the content you receive as well.

It’s all about choice. Don’t just follow anyone who follows you back. And hey, there’s even tools that can help you follow, unfollow, etc. I normally use Friend or Follow to see who’s following me and who’s not following me.

However, I like to keep it simple. I don’t send out ‘Thank you’ messages even though I know it’s nice. It’s bad enough that you get tweets from me, so I don’t want to bomb you with more thoughts already.

It’s already good that we’re friends!

Furthermore, there’s so many additional ways for you to network online. And part of networking gives you the opportunity to market your knowledge, but more than that, talk about what you love and that for me is blogging, marketing, branding, self-development and online performance.

Now you may think that social networks carry with them their spammy neighbors and it’s true. Wherever there’s traffic, there’s spammers.

Twitter Spam

But along with that, you’re going to have regulators as well.

They’re going to show you how you can own the message you put out and have it seen by your followers, friends or even network – the right way! And you will find yourself connecting with them because there’s some reason behind all the rants.

Thus, before you get into any social network, you have to understand that it won’t work for you unless you go out there and make it an effort to build relationships online. I know you’ve heard of that time and time again, but consider this – why even bother blogging, sharing content with other fellow bloggers if you’re not going to share with them some of your thoughts.

And sometimes blog commenting is not enough.

That’s where social networks come in. To create more buzz, you need to gain more influence whether it’s your own to share or others which will benefit you in some way. Think of it as finding a place to further communicate your message in a short and effective way.

That’s what Twitter does for me.

But I didn’t go about it the right way to begin with.

I went about it head on thinking that the numbers was going to give me my awesomeness.


That’s why you see so many going about it with full force because they get this notion that it’s the right way to network.

You just don’t know what you know.

Now, it’s best if you know someone who’s already gotten on the bandwagon and even if you don’t see the use for the process, let me explain that the blog is going to be the platform you want to base your connection on.

It’s true. It’s what I base mine on and I’m not ashamed to market that.

That’s my flagship, baby!

And it’s all about bringing the conversations back to the blog, the content and ultimately to influence. So that’s going to take a little effort and no guide is ever going to show you how to do it effectively, only YOU will know.

That’s why the best social networking guide is going to be written by you. You can’t find it anywhere else but through experience. It’s why I’m not going to give you any strategies, but the idea is to try it, be creative, learn from it and refine it.

I’m definite about this.

The next time around, when you read a post about the best way to go about a certain network, keep in mind, that the ideas are only those which can help spark yours. And I love ideas, but what worth are they if you don’t take action on them?

So please test them out and see what is right for you.

Don’t assume that because someone else said you have to do a certain thing so, that it’s written in stone. It’s not. It’s folks like you and I that makes our tweets, shares, likes and messages count.

One last thought on social networking

Visitor Snapshot

If you’ve read my article on the 3 Types of Blog Visitors, you’ll know that when you can include the social bookmarking aspect, you are merging more than one communication stream.

This looks good for the networker and even impresses the blogger.

So you’ll get double the kudo points! Easy social networking advice. ;)

As for those of you who are still practicing the craft of connecting with another because I know, I myself am still shy at times, remember that it’s just the beginning. You need to break through the ice and connect because that’s one way of facing your fears.

Easy said than done I know, but you’ll never know unless you try.

After all, we’re going to share links with one another, might as well be something that I will click through and put effort in reading. That’s the first thing you can think about.

The final close – recommended readings by Mars Dorian, the creative genius on online influence, with a guide on expanding your digital network. As well as a social bookmarking explanation by Alex Whalley, the ultimate keyword blogger.

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