You Can Rock These FREE Services and Increase Your Visibility Online

Besides the valuable e-stuff I’ve been accumulating for my FREE e-library, I’ve also ran into some awesome sites which could help you make it friendly to distribute your content. All FREE! Note these are minor additions and I’m trying to stick to minimalism. So the more you’re able to get things out there quietly but also leave room for growth, your readers will appreciate it. – This site is in beta which means, it’s still in testing mode. I’ve took it for a good spin and it’s really simple that all you have to do is insert your RSS feed link and follow the directions towards getting your posts delivered across social networks online. It helps you share your blog post updates to Facebook, Twitter and more. Not only that, you can implement the service into Tumbler,  Linked In, Google Buzz, Identica, Ping.FM and all your other feeds.

stickr – Offline, I use a lot of post its so this is an alternative but also another stream for me to integrate news, bits and shares with readers. Think of it like Twitter but on your browser. If you’re using Firefox, they have a plug-in to make your stickies accessible. When you blog, you can stick information with any post thus including information that you’ve forgotten to mention is helpful with this gem. Plus your favorites can be personalized to make your browsing experience across Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, FriendFeed, EverNote and more, sociable! They’re always adding new networks so if there’s a network which you want integrated, request it and pretty soon you can sticky all the info you want around your site.

LinkWithin – This plugin makes it possible to insert thumbnails of related posts below every page. I have used it before and it works seemlessly with any theme you may be using. It provides a terrific way to get some stylish internal linking onto your blog by way of thumbnails. So if you have inserted images in your post, they will show up and would be displayed for readers when they visit. Depending on how many stories you want seen by your readers, you’ll find the flexibility of 3-5 links available for your choosing. All you have to do is give up your e-mail address, your blog URL and the type of platform you’re on whether that’s Blogger, self-hosted WordPress, Typepad or Other. Then you’ll be able to download the plugin which let’s you integrate the thumbnails into your blog.

KISSinsights – I recently ran across a blog that had a survey widget installed on it’s site. While I don’t normally take surveys, it was short and sweet. I really liked it that I looked into the site further and found that there were FREE and premium plans. As a free user you can rotate up to 2 surveys a month and gather up to 30 responses for each. It’s a great way to gather some opinions on what readers think of your site. By keeping it short and sweet, you can rotate your questions and get a rounder picture of how your blog influences your readers. If at any time you want to go for premium you can get unlimited responses and surveys. However, for now, it’s a fine tool to get some action taken on your readers’ perspective. I learned that most will read, scan and with a short question, they’re more likely to answer than leave. Give them something to take action with … quick!

 Whoever thought of this was a genius. Having a bookshelf on your blog makes it homely and open to readers who are browsing through. Thus, you want to invite your audience to come in and read, so this addition can be inserted as a widget which can be customized to your sidebar’s specification. There are many choices to assist you with making the shelf fit into your blog. Start with the design and define how many shelves you want, what type of books to display, rotation, etc. The best part is you can also insert your Amazon ID if you have applied as an associate. And if you shelf is so full, download your list of books for offline keeping. Their bloghas a lot of new materials and readings updated frequently.

Odiogo – I started off reading my posts as podcasts. Then when I found this service I decided to give it a try. To my surprise the vox didn’t sound as bad as I thought it would be. While text-to-speech has been horrible in the past, odiogo is making it a trend to voice your content. So when I was thinking of this, I found their values aligned with mine and now it’s on every post as you can see. Just click on the Listen Now button and then listen as the vox reads. To begin, sign-up by inserting your blog URL or feed and then let them know where to send you an e-mail for confirmation. Make sure it’s a blog you own! Thus, you’ll get the directions and links needed to insert into your blog. This will get the motors running. Give it about 24 hours to scour throughout your posts and compile the audios. You’ll then find a list of the latest audio posts generated from your blog. Track, edit, change and maximize your content further with audio on the go!

NetworkedBlogs – This service here is necessary only if you have a Facebook account. While I’m not ecstatic about Facebooking to begin with, I have been recently because of their advertisements. Thus, one of the many gems I’ve been digging is this network. Once you ‘like’ them, you can then join their 300,000 users database. Just like BlogCatalog, you can follow, comment, discuss and like the various blogs available all within Facebook! Don’t forget to configure your settings so that when you have something new from your blog it will be broadcast out to your friends and family on Facebook. Compared to, the services here lack other networks but because it’s entirely centralized inside Facebook, that gives its more power. Plus the network here is strong. Moreover, like, you can integrate your updates towards your Twitter account. The satisfaction of joining this network is you’ll see a thumbnail of your blog on your sidebar under your profile, an authentic capture of your site and badge to show to the world. Very cool!

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