Your Feedback and Help is Needed

As you know, I am building the first mailing list for this blog and one of the things which I found myself running into are barriers. So this article more or less will be dependent on your feedback.

Please help!

The post on the 3 types of blog visitors really has opened up my eyes to see that those who are really going to make sense of this blog are the visitors who have NOT yet reached out. Thus, if you are a regular commentator here or are even just passing through, can I have a moment of your time and ask if the questions below would interest you.

  • What is your direction with blogging?
  • How have you build your community around it?
  • How did you find your unique selling point?
  • How did you go about creating content?
  • How about a marketing plan?
  • Did you utilize a time management plan as well?
  • Finally, how did you put it all together to build your blog strategy?

Would you opt-in to a mailing list that answers these topics?

What you’re seeing here are my plans to create an e-course on blogging soon. So yes, I’m revealing the steps but more than that, the content interest is where I also need your help with. Why should I even continue if there is no expressed like in the direction.

I have my point of view but I realize that without yours, it’s more or less an opinionated course. So I have everything outlined already and am ready to lock and load, but then here comes another question which is making me plan and then replan, and back to planning again.

What kind of visitor would this blogging e-course appeal to?

That’s because my target audience started off as the beginner, then it came out to be a mix between the intermediate who already know what blogging is as well. And for the advance, they can also refresh because after all, we don’t want to forget where we were at some point. However, that seems to be trying to appeal to everyone.

It’s driving me out of my mind!

Now my final question would be, and this I would kindly ask you to respond in the comments as it doesn’t matter what level of blogging you are:

How would this e-course appeal to you? Share your thoughts.

Thank you so much for your support!

I will be taking a few days off from blogging to read through the feedback and focus my time on finalizing the lessons. So before the 200th post, which is the launch of this new mailing list, you will be hearing me talk about this a lot. ;)

Once again, I appreciate any help or time if you can to contribute! Thank you for making this blogging community an ongoing developmental process which is pleasant, kind and interactive.

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